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New Venture in Eyes on Jesus

We're heading back to MATTHEW'S GOSPEL.

When we started EYES ON JESUS in January 2020, we began with MATTHEW, and then progressed through the whole New Testament, one chapter at a time. Once we'd gotten all the way to the end of REVELATION we started through once again, this time going more slowly, breaking each chapter into several portions, beginning with the GOSPEL OF MARK, then the GOSPEL OF JOHN, then through ACTS, and then each of the succeeding LETTERS from Paul.

It's time to head back into the Gospels. We'll come back to finish Paul's Letters in the future, but for now we're going to soak, once again, in the accounts of Jesus' life, teachings, death and resurrection. Since "Eyes on Jesus" hasn't yet journeyed through MATTHEW portion by portion, that's where we're heading.

Through MATTHEW we'll set Eyes on Jesus.


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