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Eyes on Jesus - Update

At the beginning of May I asked your patience as I took a break from producing new material each day and backtracked to material I had previously posted from the Book of Acts.

That series is now almost completed and we will continue "Eyes on Jesus" with a new series in 1 Timothy, starting on Thursday August 17.

But the further update involves a new book I've been working on - that work was the reason I took the break from writing new daily postings for "Eyes on Jesus" in the first place.

The book is now completed and at the publishers - titled "Eyes on Jesus: The Christmas Chronicles," it traces the wonder of Jesus' birth by experiencing it through the eyes of some of those who were actually there (Mary, Joseph, Zechariah, Elizabeth, Shepherds, Wisemen, Simeon, et al). It should be "hot-off-the-press" in early September, in time for the season of Advent 2023.

Thanks for your patience. Thanks for your prayers. More details to come, but wanted you all to have an update.



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